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SIG: Assessment procedures for non-EU dentists

Friday, 26th August 2022 - 11:00 to 13:00
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CEST (Madrid, Paris, Berlin)

Continuing the conversations of the SIG commenced in 2019
Room Allocation: Ibiza 2
Session synopsis: 

In 2019 for the first time a session was organized during ADEE, exploring assessment procedures for Non EU dentists for registration in the EU.

The EU countries show a wide variation of procedures for recognition of dental degrees from outside the EU. Few countries have a specific assessment procedure, others validate the certificates and working experience of the applying dentist.

Registration in one European country + subsequent 3 years of clinical working experiences, provides access to other European countries. Some countries have additional conditions such as language and continuous education requirements.

This group aims to gain further insight in the existing procedures and to look for opportunities to converge the various approaches aiming to increase transparency of policies and procedures.

During this working group a few examples of assessment procedures will be presented including content, efforts, costs and outcomes for candidates and organizations.

The discussion aims to focus on the following subjects:

  • Number of applications in the various countries
  • Creating more knowledge on the variety of procedures within the EU
  • Are there opportunities to improve the procedures learning from each other
  • Should we look for more cooperation within the EU and with the EU


11:00 Welcome and introduction
Pal Barkvoll & Marjoke Vervoorn
11:10 Update on registration pathways for dentists in Australia
Narelle Mills, Australian Dental Council, Australia
11:22 Facts and figures of Non-EU dentists in the Netherlands
Paulette Samwel, ACTA, the Netherlands
11:34 Evaluating dentists from 3rd countries outside the EU/EAA for the Norwegian health authorities
Pål Barkvoll, President of ADEE, University of Oslo, Norway
11:46 Assessment procedures of Non-EU dentists- the recognition procedures in Portugal
Paulo Melo, Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Porto
11:58 Registration procedures of non-EU dentists in Check Republic
Roman Šmucler, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic
12:10 Discussion following statements (MENTIMETER) about registration of non EU dentists in Europe
12:50 Closing remarks
Learning Outcomes: 

Participation in this session enables delegates:

  • Gain greater understand of the GED curriculum and how it can guide curriculum development
  • Appreciate the experiences of others of implementing national and European guidelines
  • Openly discuss the challenges of curriculum mapping exercises

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