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A tour of the Poster Showcase Session 1

Thursday, 8th July 2021 - 12:00 to 13:30
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90 minutes

Focusing on Assessment and Curriculum
ADEE executive members guide you through their selection and encourage you to explore further
Session synopsis: 

The concept of e-posters has been with us for some years at ADEE, however moving our meeting online due to COVID-19 has placed greater emphasis on finding creative ways to incorporate the work of our delegates within our online conference format. In May we held themed selected oral presentations.  Now in this July session we offer a guided exploration of the ADEE 2021 poster showcase on the Learning Toolbox format by theme. Concieved as a walk through the virtual poster hall, the chairs of the session will invite each poster presneter to share briefly (2 mins) the highlight of their poster or to address a spectifc question concerning it.  

This session is hosted by ADEE Executive Members Prof Julia Davies, Dr James Field and Dr Upen Patel and focuses on Assessment and Curriculum where the following posters will be briefly reviewed:

Ana Maria Cristina Tancu The Educational Impact of COVID - 19 Pandemic on Dental Students In  Bucharest Assessment  
Andreea Didilescu Romanian paediatric dentistry residents self-perceived training needs towards treating patients with special oral care needs Assessment  
Bana Abdulmohsen Optimising Dental Students' Use of Feedback: Validation of a Theoretical Model Assessment  
Charlotte Emanuel Can Undergraduate Dental Students Estimate the Difficulty of Tooth Extractions from Pre-operative Radiographs? Assessment  
Laura Gartshore Online un-proctored clinical examinations: the perceptions and performance of final year dental students Assessment  
M Sanchez Molins Online Assessment: Our experience in the subject: Clinical Orthodontics Assessment  
Maria Arreguí Gambus On-site vs. online education. Assessment  
Olivia Barratt A review of the undergraduate crown course assessment Assessment  
Philipp Kanzow Use of multiple-select multiple-choice items in a dental undergraduate curriculum Assessment  
Renata Chalas Polish Dental Students? Health lifestyle, Perceived Stress & Perceptions about Remote Dental Training during the COVID-19 period Assessment  
Regis Iozzino Assessing decision-making in education of restorative and prosthetic dentistry: a pilot study Assessment  
Vehie Nadim How is professionalism assessed in Dental Schools? Assessment  
Dalia Meisha Self-reported confidence of senior dental students in clinical procedures and its association with academic performance Assessment  
Alexander Mitronin Integrating telemedicine in undergraduate medical student curriculum Curriculum  
Arina Vinereanu Oral Special Care Academic Resources (OSCAR)  Project: web-based open access post-graduate training for pediatric dentists Curriculum  
Dorottya Cserzo What does preparedness for practice mean for dental professionals, at the point of graduation? Curriculum  
Georgina Prosser Potential education and workforce strategies to meet the oral challenges of an increasing older population: a qualitative study. Curriculum  
Helen Mather Curriculum mapping as a tool to identify changes in regulator learning outcomes for undergraduate dental programmes in the UK Curriculum  
Jorge Tricio Contrasting student and staff perceptions of preclinical-to-clinical transition at a Chilean dental school Curriculum  
Niecoo Tajmehr A Systematic Review of Leadership Training for Dental Students Curriculum  
Siobhan Lucey The Impact of a Blended Learning Environment on Student Confidence in Provision of Oral Healthcare for Young Children Curriculum  
Waraf Al-yaseen Exploring Dental Graduates Transition to Practice Experiences and the Changes in Their Engagement with Evidence-Based Practice Curriculum  
Learning Outcomes: 

On completion of the session delegates will:

  1. Gained insight into the current work of international colleagues 
  2. Explore and critique varied examples of academic posters 
  3. Network with like minded colleagues 
Video - delegate access only: 

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