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Your ADEE 2023 Mobile App is now ready for download

We have built a mobile experience for our ADEE Annual Meeting Liverpool 2023 using the CVENT meetings app.

The app has the key information you'll need for our event, the most up to date programme as well as features to enhance your meeting experience. The vast majority of content is already available on the app and we will continue to update throughout the coming days. The app will be used for meeting announcements, room changes etc.

So please do get connected!


The app is kindly supported by Curaden as has been the case for many years.


Our previous APP crowd compass has now been retired by CVENT and they are working on a new product for future meetings.
This years app has some reduced functionality from previous years but we know it will still prove to be a useful tool for your meeting experience and networking connections. 

To download the app just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Download the App!

The first thing you'll need to do is download the app to your device from your relevant app store; it is called Cvent. 

Step 2: Search for ADEE 2023

Once the app is downloaded and installed search for our meeting using the term ADEE 2023. If requested the password is "adee ADEE2023''. Follow the instructions to retrieve your verification token to gain access.

It is important to note that only those registered for the meeting can access the app and the email you used to register must match the app user profile so you can gain access. To make things easier for you, you will receive a direct email from CVENT to the email account you registered inviting you to the app (this may already be in your spam folder).

We recommend that you create your delegate profile to get the most out of the app experience.
We have set the privacy setting so attendees can only be found by others once you change your settings or exchange contact info.

If you encounter any difficulties contact 

The ADEE Liverpool Team

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