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Advancement of Dentistry in Society Scholarship Award: supported by GSK

ADEE has always been committed to the concept that dental practice has an important role to play in the overall health of the population.

GSK is a science-led global healthcare company
with a special purpose: to help people do more, feel better, live longer.

The recent 2017 revision to what was formally known as the Profile and Competence of the Graduating Dentists takes this commitment further by defining a core domain of "Dentistry in society" with five major competences included.

To bring this document to life and encourage ADEE member institutions to embed the concept of the dentist in society within their curricula ADEE proposes the development of the ADEE Advancement of Dentistry in Society Scholarship Award. Now in its second year of presentation the 2019 fund is again supported by a grant of €5,000 from GSK, for which ADEE is most grateful.

Through the application process ADEE members (Dental Institutions, Universities and Associations) will be encouraged to document and share aspects of their curriculum that demonstrate excellence in how they:

  1. incorporate public dental health elements within their curriculum 
  2. encourage students to appreciate aspects such as local and regional health needs, their variations and implications of health economics
  3. encourage a whole health approach within their curriculum including but not limited to encouraging inter professional care 
  4. include local population needs within their curriculum and encourage students to take a holistic approach to defining and delivering patient care 
  5. ensure health promotion (oral and whole health) is not only encouraged but facilitated through the curriculum and how such activities within the curriculum is impacting on local populations 
  6. encourage an ethos of equity of access within their students practice 
  7. integrate wider oral and public health issues within their curriculum 


Application process

ADEE schools are eligible to apply through a standardised application form, available for download bellow, where they will demonstrate:

  1. examples of how the ethos of the Dentistry in society Domain is being integrated into the curriculum 
  2. examples of events such as ‘outreach’, ‘voluntary screening’, and other community based education methods used 
  3. examples of relevant educational research in the area 
  4. examples of the evaluation of the effectiveness of these curriculum activities
  5. examples of activities that encompass the ethos of the core domain of "Dentistry in society"

A key element of the application proposal will be communication of how members plan to validate the approach to teaching within the curriculum.  Demonstrating how this can/is having impact.  The winning recipient(s) will be expected to contribute to the creation of a best practice guide which is being developed as an output of this award.  Recipient will also be expected to attend ADEE Oslo to formally receive their award and to attend a future ADEE meeting within 3 years of the award to present outcomes from the award.


Evaluation will be performed by the ADEE scholarship committee. Applications will be evaluated on their creativity, academic rigour and benefit to society. The process will be managed through the ADEE office in Dublin, who will ensure transparency in evaluation and the management of conflict of interests etc.

Winners will be expected to make poster presentations as part of the ADEE annual meeting in the year following receipt of scholarship and to assist the ADEE editor in developing content for a best practice guide for examples  of enacting the Dentistry in Society domain.

The Scholarship

ADEE is proposing that up to two awards of €2,500 each will be granted to the highest ranked applications, however the decision of the panel is final and binding. ADEE will transfer the fund in total to the winning recipients and funds will not be used for any other purpose.  

Closing date for receipt of completed application is 15th July 2019.

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