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CoP Students as collaborators, partners and educators

Introduction to the CoP on Students as collaborators, partners and educators
– by CoP chair Dr Viv Binnie, Glasgow Dental School

This CoP will explore the opportunities for engagement and empowerment of students in their own curriculum and community, with regards to the scholarship of teaching and learning. This will include the process of content (co)creation and delivery, and will explore the relationship that students have with staff in the creative process. In gaining such insights, students will learn broader skills, knowledge and understanding into their own curriculum, as well as learning how to be educators in the communities and workplaces they will serve as graduates.  

This approach is designed to benefit across three avenues: between students, between students and teachers and between students and the curriculum and community.

Student engagement may be defined as:
  • Collaborator – delivery of teacher content for the curriculum or community
  • Partners – engaged in partnership with teachers in the co-creation and/or delivery of content for the curriculum or community.
  • Educators – creating student generated content and delivery for the curriculum or community

Such roles will allow students to benefit and enhance curricula, be empowered by developing transferable skills from their own insight and knowledge, so they may become advocates, as well as become educator savvy in their own workplace and community settings in the future

Aims and Objectives

Therefore, the aim of this CoP is to investigate and evaluate the evidence and current practice, with regards to the current student role in relation to being collaborators, partners and educators in the design and delivery of dental education.

The objectives include delineating and evaluating the potential for associated student engagement with educational methodologies such as co-creation, collaborative, partnership working and participatory design and how members may implement them.

This COP is currently looking for members to join its steering group.  For more information click here

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