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Assessment Procedures for Non EU Dentists for Registration in EU

SIG Chairs

The Chairs of this SIG which meets for the first time in Berlin 2019 are:

Terhi Karaharju-Suvanto (University of Helsinki), Paula Vassallo (University of Malta), Marjoke Vervoorn (ACTA).

Aims and Objectives

The EU countries have their own procedures for recognition of dental degrees from outside the EU. Few countries have a specific assessment procedure, others validate the certificates and working experience of the applying dentist.

This working group aims to gain insight in the existing procedures and to look for opportunities to converge the various approaches aiming to increase transparency of policies and procedures.

During this working group a few examples of assessment procedures will be presented including content, efforts, costs and outcomes for candidates and organizations.

The discussion aims to focus on the following subjects:

  • Number of applications in the various countries;
  • Creating more knowledge on the variety of procedures within the EU;
  • Are there opportunities to improve the procedures learning from each other;
  • Should we look for more cooperation within the EU and with the EU.

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