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The EDSA Research SIG is chaired by a delegate from the EDSA Executive Committee or their nominee. This is currently Hassib Kamell (NL).

Aims and Objectives

The EDSA Research Special Interest Group explores means of mobilising students to do their research abroad, how this can be facilitated, and how we can help them with.

It also explores:

  • How we can encourage students to get involved in research not because they have to, but because they want to.
  • Which tools might we might need to accomplish this, especially as we know that research and science is the only way of bringing us forward and to guarantee the best treatment for our patients.

Any other ideas on this area are welcomed for discussion during this Special Interest Group.

Meetings and Activites: Riga 2014

The SIGs Riga meeting focused on discussing the following key issues of concerns to the EDSA group in relation to research activities.

  1. Academic staff shortage
  2. How students’ knowledge and skills impact their access to research
  3. The need for long term commitment
  4. The academic world as perceived by students
  5. Reforming our educational model to improve our research
  6. An advocacy for better promotion of research

A summary report of the meeting has been made available by the EDSA SIG and can be downloaded bellow.

SIG Leader Announcements and Updates

Updates from the SIG leader will appear here once available.

Contact details

For more information on the EDSA research SIG please contact

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