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ADEE 2022 Mailing - an invitation from Virteasy Dental

A Visit to ADEMA

Virteasy Dental would like to invite everyone to visit ADEMA University which is equipped with high fidelity Virteasy Dental simulators, as well as brand new UNISIM desktop simulators, 3D printers, scanners and much more. They are a great example of a modern university which has integrated technology into their digital dentistry curriculum to the benefit of their student's education and well worth visiting.

So why not take advantage of your time in Palma at ADEE 2022 and avail of the opportunity to visit ADEMA. Make sure you select it as part of your breakout selection. And if for some reason you can not make it, don't forget to drop by our exhibition booth any time throughout the meeting.

Looking forward to meeting you all in Palma,
James and the Virteasy Dental team.

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