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July at ADEE 2021

July at ADEE 2021
We are aware that many of you will be trying to take some well-earned holiday time during July and early August and with this in mind we have kept the ADEE 2021 schedule very light for July.


Monday 5th July at 17:30 Dublin ADEE GSK Dentistry in Society Showcase

Join us and four of the recipients of the ADEE GSK Dentistry in Society Scholarship since its inception in 2018. They will share with us their work and updates, as well as what inspired them to participate in the award. We will also remind you of how to apply for this year's awards.

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Tuesday 6th July at 12:00 Dublin Our SIG On Feedback practices in COVID-19: has anything changed?

The SIG hopes to explore feedback during the COVID-19 pandemic using the following questions: i) What type of feedback do you consider is best in enhancing student learning experience, and why? ii) How do you deliver different types of feedback for current assessments/activities? iii) How has student reflection on feedback received changed? iv) How has technology influenced the provision of feedback for students to enhance the learning process?

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Wednesday 7th at 12:00 Dublin The Joint ORCA/ADEE Education Platform 2021

Facilitated by our colleagues in ORCA and to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the European Cariology Core Curriculum for undergraduate dental students published in 2011 in the European Journal of Dental Education and in Caries Research, speakers from ADEE and ORCA come together to reflect on the development and impact of the European Cariology Core Curriculum. The session brings together leaders in the field and offers ample opportunity for discussion and delegate participation.

You are invited to attend this years education platform free of change by registering here


Wednesday 7th July at 17:00 Dublin Keynote presentation by Jacques Marescaux: Imaging, robotics and artificial intelligence: the 3 weapons to achieve an intelligent surgery

Prof Marescaux explore three joint developments to corroborate this vision: developments within virtual 3D imaging, robotics, and artificial intelligence. When integrated into the robotic system, artificial intelligence will then make it possible to manage the surgical act, for instance stopping any procedure that goes beyond validated standards, and the surgical manoeuvre subsequently becomes semi-automatic before being totally autonomous. The surgical revolution is underway - surgical science and science fiction are coming together. How will this impact us in the dental field?

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Thursday 8th July from 11:00 Dublin Coffee with the O-Health-Edu project team

Join us with a coffee to hear about the O-Health-Edu Erasmus + project that ADEE is currently dissemination partner. During the session you can hear more about this EU wide research into oral health professionals' education, its current state and a desired vision for 2030. We will share with you some highlights of progress to date and how your institution can participate.

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Thursday 8th July from 12:00 Dublin Themed tours of the e-poster showcase

To bring our July session to a close we return to the work and research of our members. Over three sessions we will showcase over 70 posters and engage with the authors of the work.  Sessions are themed and you are encouraged to visit the e-poster showcase in advance, you can see more about each sessions content and access the registration link by following the following links:

12:00 Assessment and Curriculum
14:00 CPD, Evaluation, Faculty Dev, IPE, Student Selection & Other
16:00 Tech Enhanced Learning and Teaching Methods

We hope you can join some or all of these session in July!

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