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  • Thursday, August 23, 2018 - 00:00

    A range of workshops for delegates to select from during the course of Thursday. 

    07/20/2024 - 15:00

    European Society of Endodontology/ADEE case-based teaching resources

    The ESE is now working with ADEE to develop a library of cases-based teaching resources to support undergraduate endodontic education. This workshop is about doing some work; refining a template for case submission, reviewing and editing submissions, mapping content according to clinical features and relevance to ESE undergraduate competencies. Please join us if you are willing and able to participate in this process. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive bank of documented cases that will be a resource for educators throughout Europe.

    07/20/2024 - 17:45

    ADEE "Inspired" Focus Group

    The ADEE "INSPIRED" programme aims to provide a forum for discussion (both virtual and real), mentorship (online and one-to-one) and advice for early career dental educators as they progress through their careers in dental academia.

    The formation meeting of INSPIRED was held at ADEE 2017 in Vilnius on Thursday 24th August 2017. At this workshop participants identified topics of interest and based on that we have developed a 3 year programme of activity.

    At the ADEE 2018 the activities of INSPIRED will assist dental educators to acquire practical skills in the areas of:

    • basics of dental educational research
    • mentorship integrating cultural competency

     Further details of workshop contents will be posted in due course.

     Delegates wishing to attend these focus groups should select them as part of their ADEE 2018 registration.

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