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Future Meetings 
Year Location Date Theme
2026 Budapest, Hungary 19 - 21 August 2026 TBC
2025 Dublin, Ireland  20 - 22 August 2025  ADEE 50: Reflect, Recognise and Reimagine
2024 Leuven, Belgium 7-10 September 2024  AI in Oral Health Professionals' Education 
2023 Liverpool, UK 23-25 August 2023 

Collaborative Education in a Digital Era

Past Annual Meetings
Year Location Topic
2022 Palma de Mallorca, Spain Reconnect, Rethink, Refresh, Rebuild
2021 Strasbourg, France Networking to advance dental education (delivered online due to COVID-19)
2020 Strasbourg, France Networking to advance dental education (Postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19)
2019 Berlin, Germany  Equipping our students to be dentists of the future
2018 Oslo, Norway Dental education in a changing society
2017 Vilnius, Lithuania Learning together to improve oral health and quality of life
2017 London, UK Joint ADEE/ADEA Meeting: Shaping the future of Dental Education
2016 Barcelona, Spain Science and the competent dentist: an inter-professional perspective
2015 Szeged, Hungary Communication and Interaction in Dentistry
2014 Rīga, Latvia Emerging New Approaches to Dental Education
2013 Birmingham, UK Electronic Learning @ADEE
2012 Lyon, France Evidence-based dentistry: from bench to clinic
2011 Antalya, Turkey Research and its Impact on Dental Education
2010 Amsterdam, Netherlands Digital Dentistry - A Space Odyssey
2009 Helsinki, Finland Lifelong Learning and Continuing Dental Education
2008 Zagreb, Croatia Career Development in Dental Education
2007 Dublin, Ireland Structural Changes in Dental Education
2006 Krakow, Poland Ethics and Blended Learning in Dental Education
2005 Athens, Greece Dental graduate Education in Europe
2004 Cardiff, UK 1. Managing change in dental education
2. Research in education 
2003 Dresden, Germany 1. Critical review of problem based learning
2. Research in education 
2002 Ljubljana, Slovenia 1. Impact and integration of biological science and clinical medicine in dental education
2. Distance learning in dental education
2001 Bern, Switzerland 1. Quality management in dental education and clinical dentistry
2. Distance learning in dental education
2000 Stockholm, Sweden Evidence-based approach in dental education
1999 Milan, Italy A new dentist for a new century
1998 Nice, France Comprehensive dental care in dental education
1997 Sheffield, UK 1. European Symposium on basic science teaching for dentistry
2 External influences on dental schools and their curricula
1996 Utrecht, Netherlands Teaching as a tool
1995 Munich, Germany Specialization
1994 Malmo, Sweden 1. Problem-based learning
2. Postgraduate retraining of faculty and staff development
1993 Reims, France Information technology applied to dental education
1992 Dublin, Ireland International conference celebrating the quatercentenary of Trinity College Dublin 
1991 Lisbon, Portugal 1. The knowledge of new clinical situations in continuing dental education
2. Responding to the dental practitioner as a consumer of continuing dental education
3. Impact of ossesointegration on future dental education
1990 Budapest, Hungary 1. Basic sciences in dental and medical education
2. Changing aspects of preventive dentistry in dental education
1989 Brussels, Belgium Perspectives of educational changes for 21st century
1988 Madrid, Spain Evaluation and assessment in dental education
1987 Siena, Italy 1. Medicine, stomatology and dentistry
2. Problem-based education
3. Teaching and learning aids in problem based dental education
1986 London, UK Integration in dental education
1985 Bad Nanheim, Germany 1. Developing dental education programs in developing countries
2. Hostility towards technology - a symptom of an emotional crisis
1984 Oslo, Norway 1. Computers in general and dental education
2. The public implementation of preventive dentistry - the educational consequences
1983 Delphi, Greece 1. The impact of prevention on the dental curriculum
2. How should the concept of prevention influence the teaching of preventive dentistry
1982 Bern, Switzerland Graduate education
1981 Groningen, Netherlands 1. Development of a new curriculum. A systemic approach
2. Development of a new curriculum: Consequences for departmental structure
1980 Lyon, France 1. Uses and misuses of audiovisual aids in dental teaching
2. Integration of basic sciences and clinical dentistry
1979 Stockholm, Sweden 1. Major changes in society of interest to the dental profession
2. Dental education: Policies & programmes to meet changing need in the late 20th century
1978 Nurnberg, Germany Problems of quality and continuity of dentistry
1977 London, UK Modern approaches to the teaching of dentistry
1976 Paris, France Teaching of community dentistry in present and future European curricula
1975 Strasburg, France Foundation meeting

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