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Applications now open for the ADEE 'Advancement of Dentistry in Society Scholarship' kindly supported by GSK



ADEE is delighted to announce that thanks to the continued support of our corporate partners GSK we are able to delivery the 2020 Dentistry in Society Scholarship. 

With €5,000 funding from GSK, we will again be able to recognise two institutions as examples of best practice in the integration of the concepts of Dentistry in Society within the curriculum.  

Through the application process ADEE members (Dental Institutions, Universities and Associations) are encouraged to document and share aspects of their curriculum that demonstrate excellence in how they:

  1. incorporate public dental health elements within their curriculum
  2. encourage students to appreciate aspects such as local and regional health needs, their variations and implications of health economics
  3. encourage a whole health approach within their curriculum including but not limited to encouraging inter professional care
  4. include local population needs within their curriculum and encourage students to take a holistic approach to defining and delivering patient care
  5. ensure health promotion (oral and whole health) is not only encouraged but facilitated through the curriculum and how such activities within the curriculum is impacting on local populations
  6. encourage an ethos of equity of access within their students practice
  7. integrate wider oral and public health issues within their curriculum

To find out more or to apply visit here and download the application from the bottom of the page.

Closing date for receipt of completed application is 31st August 2020.

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