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ADEE-HALEON Preventative Oral Health in Society Award

ADEE-HALEON Preventative Oral Health in Society Award

Drawing on our three year experience with delivery of the Dentistry in Society Scholarship project, ADEE and HALEON are now taking a more focused approach to the delivery of our collaborative project. Given that the concept of Dentistry in Society is so broad and a challenge to many institution particularly in Eastern Europe, from 2021 onwards the awards will be more focused and specific in nature. From 2021 we will deliver the ADEE HALEON Preventative Oral Health in Society Award, which would identify and highlight projects of particular interest that embrace the concepts of preventative health promotion, and public health elements of the curriculum experience.

We are particularly interested in applications which demonstrate how the institution enables the role of Preventative Oral healthcare by:

  1. incorporating  within their curriculum and practice 
  2. encouraging students to appreciate aspects such as local and regional health needs, their variations and implications of health economics and how this impacts perceptions on preventative dental care
  3. encouraging a whole health approach within their curriculum including but not limited to encouraging inter professional care and the role this plays in preventative oral healthcare 
  4. including local population prevention needs within their curriculum and encourage students to take a holistic approach to defining and delivering patient care
  5. ensuring health promotion (oral and whole health) is not only encouraged but facilitated through the curriculum and how such activities within the curriculum is impacting on local populations
  6. encouraging an ethos of equity of access within their students practice
  7. integrating wider oral and public health issues within their curriculum

Thanks to the generous support of HALEON a financial pool if €5,000 is being made available for distribution . 

This award is in recognition of work and projects that have been completed and that can demonstrate impacts in the area of interest or that are planned and already self financed. Delivery of the project should not be dependent upon receipt of this award. 

To be eligible for consideration applicants must demonstrate that they have: 

  1. Clearly demonstrate the projects aims and objective and how they have been achieved or will be monitored 
  2. Provide evidence of associated costings
  3. Provide evidence of the promotion of the project and its impact
  4. Provide a clear rationale for the project and how this will enable the ethos of preventative oral healthcare within society
  5. Applications are only open to ADEE institutional members 
  6. Applicants must have the written support of the Dean or Head of school

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