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Palma 2022 Programme

08:00 to 10:00

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Education of Oral Health Professionals in times of crisis

Prof Pal Barkvoll ADEE Presidents is joined by a panel of invited speakers...

Education in Focus

Each focused 30 minute briefing/update session places the spotlight on a...

FREE-Stage Session 2

Join Dr Ronald Gorter (ADEE Editor) and Prof Michael Botelho (ADEE regional...

Topic related presentations

A selection of diverse presentations covering an array of topics but all...

10:00 to 11:00

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The impact of haptic technology on clinical training

An invitation only session.

Networking - Coffee and Exhibition

Join us in the exhibition hall for coffee and some Balearic mid morning...

11:00 to 13:00

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SIG: Assessment procedures for non-EU dentists

In 2019 for the first time a session was organized during ADEE, exploring...

SIG: Sustainability in Dental Education

The SIG for sustainability will aim to provide delegates with an update on...

Introduction to ADEE COPs

During 2022 ADEE instigated the formalisation of Communities of Practice...

SIG: Integrating Feedback with Assessment Strategies: a Teacher Perspective

Assessment strategies and approaches for dental students are inextricably...

13:00 to 14:00

Meeting of regional councils

Each of the newly formed ADEE regions are invited to hold a specialised...

14:00 to 15:30

ADEE 2022 Palma closing plenary and reception

Our closing session features a key note presentation by Prof Mariano Sanz...

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